Celebrate New York's 10th Anniversary

The NY region is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year! Started in 2006 in Rochester, it shifted down to Long Island in 2009 and more recently, New York City. Our region has been blessed with tremendous growth, starting in the double digits and accelerating to over 500, at which point we had to start capping registration! We are committed to both expanding our abilities and maintaining the quality of the tournament, and hope to keep growing over the years. The tournament has spurred the growth of MSAs (Muslim Student Assocations) in high schools throughout New York and has allowed students to build strong networks with their peers from other institutions, not just in New York, but beyond, as they participate in the national tournament, where we have consistently ranked in the top 3 regions.


Every year we host MIST to about 7 hundred individuals which includes all of our competitiors, coaches, judges, sponsors, volunteers and organizers. MIST can only occur with the combined efforts of everyone. Sponsorship information will be posted soon.

If you have any questions please contact the appropiate committee
General: newyork@getmistified.com

Remember These Dates!

Catergory Event Date
Registration Registration Opens 01/08/16
Registration Early Registration Ends 02/05/16
Registration Late Registration Ends 02/19/16
MIST Main Tournament Basketball TBA
MIST Main Tournament Competition Weekend 03/25/16


Email us at newyork@getmistified.com and we'll answer your questions as quickly as possible.