If you see your name below, congratulations! You have advanced and are eligible to represent Detroit at MIST Nationals on July 29-31, 2016 in Toronto, Canada!

**Note: please remember that Pilot Competitions are not offered at Nationals.




  1. Tala Al-saghir (International Academy Central)
  2. Wehbe Alzohaili (International Academy Central)
  3. Dana Alzohaili (International Academy Central)


  1. WIHI Wolves
  2. International Academy Central
  3. Massey Mustangs*
  4. Canton Camels*
  5. ATA Ameers

* The incorrect winner was announced at the Awards Ceremony. We sincerely apologize for the mistake; the rankings above are the correct rankings.



Brothers’ Basketball

  1. Cass Caliphs
  2. Canton Camels
  3. Riverside Academy Ravens, Harrison Hawks, North Farmington Ravens

Sisters’ Basketball

  1. Massey Mustangs
  2. WTMC, WIHI Wolves
  3. EMU Early College, Canton Camels

Brothers’ Soccer (Pilot Competition)

  1. Grand Blanc Fobcats, Genesee Academy
  2. Brother Rice, Bloomfield Blackhawks, Walled Lake Central MIST
  3. Massey Mustangs

Sisters’ Soccer (Pilot Competition)

  1. Michigan Islamic Academy, Canton Camels, Canton Prep Cougars
  2. Massey Mustangs
  3. WIHI Wolves



2D Islamic Art

  1. Fatima Harbali (WTMC)
  2. Kinzah Fatima (WIHI Wolves)
  3. Malak Almasnaah (Fordson High School)
  4. Maisha Rahman (Cass Caliphs)

3D Islamic Art

  1. Muaaz Wajahath (WIHI Wolves)
  2. Ayesha Khan (WIHI Wolves)
  3. Afnan Atif (North Farmington Ravens)
  4. Dunya Assaf (Massey Mustangs)

Culinary Arts (Pilot Competition)

  1. Huda Vaid (WTMC)
  2. Aqsa Kanwal (WIHI Wolves)
  3. Jude Hasan (Grand Blanc Fobcats)
  4. Sumaya Tabbah (Genesee Academy)

Fashion Design

  1. Malaikah Saadiq (ATA Ameers)
  2. Sirajam Munira (ATA Ameers)
  3. Deena Dwaik (Harrison Hawks)
  4. Sabriyah Mir (Deen on Fleek)

Graphic Design

  1. Aakif Aslam (EMU Early College)
  2. Taylor Lutz (Deen on Fleek)
  3. Shariq Hafeez (Canton Camels)
  4. Nour Kazbour (Canton Camels)


  1. Shahada Altaii (Bloomfield Blackhawks)
  2. Hadeel Abdo (Michigan Islamic Academy)
  3. Amtullah Naalwala (Troy High Colts)
  4. Saad Akhtar (Troy High Colts)

Scrapbook (Pilot Competition)

  1. WIHI Wolves
  2. West Bloomfield High School
  3. Canton Camels
  4. ATA Ameers



Math Olympics

  1. Mahwish Khan (Massey Mustangs)
  2. Girish Sivakanthan (WIHI Wolves)
  3. Azam Saleem (Canton Camels)
  4. Ruba Iqbal (International Academy Central)


  1. International Academy Central
  2. Harrison Hawks
  3. IA East Phoenix
  4. Rochester Adams

Brothers’ Improv

  1. Canton Camels
  2. Troy High Colts
  3. West Bloomfield High School
  4. Athens Red Hawks

Sisters’ Improv

  1. West Bloomfield High School
  2. International Academy Central
  3. Canton Camels
  4. Bloomfield Blackhawks


  1. Athens Red Hawks
  2. Canton Camels
  3. International Academy Central
  4. Troy High Colts



Business Venture

  1. WIHI Wolves
  2. Canton Camels, EMU Early College
  3. International Academy Central
  4. Michigan Islamic Academy

Community Service

  1. Deen on Fleek
  2. Athens Red Hawks
  3. WIHI Wolves
  4. Genesee Academy

Mobile Apps (Pilot Competition)

  1. International Academy Central
  2. Seaholm Highschool
  3. Bloomfield Blackhawks

Science Fair

  1. International Academy
  2. Deen on Fleek
  3. WIHI Wolves
  4. North Farmington Ravens

Short Film

  1. Athens Red Hawks
  2. EMU Early College, Canton Camels
  3. Deen on Fleek
  4. Grand Blanc Fobcats

Social Media

  1. WIHI Wolves
  2. Canton Camels
  3. IA East Phoenix, Troy High Colts
  4. ATA Ameers

Brothers’ Nasheed/Rap

  1. Troy High Colts
  2. WIHI Wolves
  3. West Bloomfield High School
  4. ATA Ameers

Sisters’ Nasheed/Rap

  1. Massey Mustangs
  2. ATA Ameers
  3. IA East Phoenix
  4. Canton Camels



Knowledge Test One

  1. Wehbe Alzohaili (International Academy Central)
  2. Sana Latif (Athens Red Hawks)
  3. Sameed Khan (Canton Camels)
  4. Mujtaba Hameed (Harrison Hawks)

Knowledge Test Two

  1. Ruba Iqbal (International Academy Central)
  2. Anis Rehman (Canton Camels)
  3. Sumaia Alsomiri (ATA Ameers)
  4. Mustafa Rasheed (Athens Red Hawks)

Knowledge Test Three

  1. Rajaa Shoukfeh (International Academy Central)
  2. Tala Al-saghir (International Academy Central)
  3. Taimoor Khan (North Farmington Ravens)
  4. Nedda Elewa (International Academy Central)

Knowledge Test Four

  1. Arslan Raheem (International Academy Central)
  2. Rana-Azhan Khurshid Ahmad (Rochester Adams)
  3. Varisha Essani (North Farmington Ravens)
  4. Waleed Vaid (Skyline)

Brothers’ Quran Memorization Level 1

  1. Omar Ahmed (Massey Mustangs)
  2. Yusuf Kashlan (International Academy Central)
  3. Ahmad Khan (WIHI Wolves)
  4. Rayyan Latif (WIHI Wolves)

Sisters’ Quran Memorization Level 1

  1. Humnah Syed (Massey Mustangs)
  2. Iman Alkafarneh (Massey Mustangs)
  3. Lana Zalt (International Academy Central)
  4. Dana Suleiman (Canton Camels)

Brothers’ Quran Memorization Level 2

  1. Huzifa Choudhury (Cass Caliphs)
  2. Fayyad Choudhury (Cass Caliphs)
  3. Basil Alsubee (Bloomfield Blackhawks)
  4. Ozair Tahir (WIHI Wolves)

Sisters’ Quran Memorization Level 2

  1. Farisa Hasan (Massey Mustangs)
  2. Nuha Malik (Harrison Hawks)
  3. Aqsa Kanwal (WIHI Wolves)
  4. Fareah Fysudeen (North Farmington Ravens)

Brothers’ Quran Memorization Level 3

  1. Ashad Khalique (ATA Ameers)
  2. Zeshan Fahim (WIHI Wolves)
  3. Rana-Armaghan K. Ahmad (International Academy Central)
  4. Riyyan Izzathullah (Rochester Adams)

Sisters’ Quran Memorization Level 3

  1. Nageen Ahmad (WIHI Wolves)
  2. Safia Sassi (Massey Mustangs)
  3. Alaa Sassi (Massey Mustangs)

Brothers’ Quran Memorization Level 4

  1. Mahfuz Haque (Athens Red Hawks)
  2. Yousuf Zafar (Harrison Hawks)
  3. Areeb Khan (Rochester Adams)
  4. Abdurrafay Siddiqui (WIHI Wolves)

Sisters’ Quran Memorization Level 4

  1. Ghallia Hashem (Massey Mustangs)
  2. Aysha Abudayya (ATA Ameers)
  3. Haiqa Arain (Massey Mustangs)
  4. Mariam Tabbah (Genesee Academy)



American Sign Language

  1. Dana Alzohaili (International Academy Central)
  2. Afnan Atif (North Farmington Ravens)

Extemporaneous Essay

  1. Mujtaba Hameed (Harrison Hawks)
  2. Khawla Rahman (ATA Ameers)
  3. Fareah Fysudeen (North Farmington Ravens)
  4. Khansa Alhaidi (Fordson High School)

Extemporaneous Speaking

  1. Tala Al-saghir (International Academy Central)
  2. Muaaz Wajahath (WIHI Wolves)
  3. Sara Ghannam (Massey Mustangs)
  4. Basil Alsubee (Bloomfield Blackhawks)

Original Oratory

  1. Nadiya Sharif (WIHI Wolves)
  2. Farisa Hasan (Massey Mustangs)
  3. Nedda Elewa (International Academy Central)
  4. Siham Azom (ATA Ameers)

Poetry Literature

  1. Rida Farook (IA East Phoenix)
  2. Afeefah Khan (Harrison Hawks)
  3. Taylor Lutz (Deen on Fleek)
  4. Shariq Hafeez (Canton Camels)

Poetry Spoken Word

  1. Taylor Little (Harrison Hawks)
  2. Miranda Twiss (WIHI Wolves)
  3. Khadega Mohammed (Canton Camels)
  4. Maisha Rahman (Cass Caliphs)

Prepared Essay

  1. Maha Zahid (Canton Camels)
  2. Hamza Jafari (Carmen Ainsworth Cavaliers)
  3. Asmaa Alkusari (ATA Ameers)
  4. Hadia Haider (WIHI Wolves)

Short Fictional Story

  1. Najya Zaman (Deen on Fleek)
  2. Sana Ansari (Canton Camels)
  3. Dariq Ahmed (Massey Mustangs)
  4. Suha Iqbal (IA East Phoenix)